Follow Me On My Journey To Avoid Zocor!!

by Kathy Sykes on April 23, 2009 · 0 comments

Well, I just got the call back from my new family practice physician (who is totally awesome by the way), that my physical and labs were just great EXCEPT my cholesterol is very high.  What??!!  She gave me a choice….If I feel like I have tried everything that I can with changing my diet then she would suggest medication.  Since what I have tried recently with changing my diet is finding a better brand of corn tortilla to wrap my chorizo mexican tacos in with a side of rice and beans mixed together, then I think that I have room to improve.

Today I googled super foods that lower cholesterol.  Looks like I need to purchase more low-fat foods, use olive oil, eat almonds and walnuts as snacks, a breakfast of oatmeal with fruit, more lean meats, more fresh fruits, and plenty of fish (tuna, tilapia, and salmon).

Since my daily breakfast “used to” consist of bacon and toast, with a salad with bacon bits and an entree for lunch, and then some kind of dessert with sprinkles of bacon, this new diet may be a challenge.

If anyone has an easy and exciting way of staying on track with this new venture, please share.  I will be keeping everyone updated weekly of my successes and pitfalls.  I do believe that I can stay pretty focused on bettering my health because of the most precious reason in “my” world…..Thomas!

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