by Kathy Sykes on May 1, 2009 · 0 comments

Thomas is now obsessed with airplanes.  We read about them in books and hear them fly overhead while we’re in the car. Our church is even located right in front of our city’s airport, but blocked by many trees.  So we have yet to actually see one fly overhead.

So, yesterday Thomas and I were outside playing “catch” after daycare and my husband came home and took over for me so that I could get a little nap before going in for the night shift.

When I woke up, Tim proceeded to tell me that while he and Thomas were outside, a plane flew over and Thomas looked up and finally saw an airplane. He said that his mouth hung wide open in awe. He looked up in the sky and then looked at his daddy as if to say..”That is a plane?? I can’t believe it!”  And stood there for several mintues.

I can’t believe I missed it:-(

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