Happy Cinco De Mayo

by Kathy Sykes on May 6, 2009 · 0 comments

Yes, I almost missed Cinco de Mayo today and that would have been a shame.  Although it really didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.  It was my suggestion, at work, for us to order mexican food to celebrate this festive occasion.  When I lived in TX for 15 years, this was a huge event.  We would get the BEST mexican food and drink we could find and sit out on some restaurants deck and watch the ocean (we lived on Galveston Island).  So, I had a sudden flash back when I suggested that we order food today. 

 After reviewing the menu with my mouth drooling over the selections, I heard my doctor’s voice in my head saying…..would you like zocor 20mg or 40mg?  Dang it!! I really don’t hear voices in my head, but it sure felt like it.  My heart sunk.  I was too lame to tell the other eager co-workers that I can’t eat this deliciousness any more or at least until my next doctor’s visit where I plan to stun her with my impressive cholesterol numbers.   

So, I ordered a lame grilled chicken salad from a Mexican restaurant.  I didn’t even stuff myself with chips and salsa.  I did have about 8 of them though, but really, what is that??  I could cry right now.

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