My Second Brain!

by Kathy Sykes on May 16, 2009 · 0 comments

Why have I titled my calendar..My Second Brain?  With the many things we have to do everyday, don’t you find yourself thinking about another million things you need to do or prepare for, but you don’t have the time at that moment to address it?

That’s where my Second Brain comes into play! I have always kept a calendar, even when I was single, of things that I needed and wanted to do. The use of a calendar,then, was a way for me to keep track of my goals and visions for the future.  If I wrote it down, then I had to do it.  Whether it be send in my grad school application or pick up meat from the grocery for a new dish I wanted to try.

Now, I use a calendar to remind myself to do the laundry :-).  Not that the loads of clothes spilling over from my hamper is not a good reminder, but there are better days than others to do laundry in my household (when baby and daddy are not home).

My calendar addiction is really just that. It really has become an obsessive compulsive behavior for me now.  I know that I have this addiction passed down from my mother who still writes down everything on one of those small drugstore tablets.  I review my calendar at least three times per day. Just to be sure I have added something or didn’t miss out on something else.  If you were to see my current calendar, you would be amazed!!!  My co-workers have started giving me calendars for Christmas gits…AND I LOVE THAT!!! The more the better. One for the bedroom, purse, car, kitchen wall…..

My Second Brain is also an awesome daily management tool.  I could not live without it at this point in my life.  All of those thoughts and plans that I have in the periphery of my mind can all go down in my Second Brain.

Try it, you may like it!

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