This Little Light Of Mine!

by Kathy Sykes on May 28, 2009 · 0 comments

We all know the song “This little light of mine…I’m going to let it shine”, but there are very few people who really let their light shine. Have you ever come across a person who just seems to have it all together…emotionally, spiritually, career and family?  Now, I am not talking about a “perfect” person because there is no such individual.  But a person who has and is continually working to improve on themselves and not afraid to be transparent about where they have been.  We all are a “work in progress” AND what a beautiful thing that is to BE!!!

Being a Christian woman to me is more about the continual journey of learning and heeding the Word of God than trying to prove that I have it all together.  Remember, we still are human beings and we can ONLY strive to live a Christian life.  We will never be exactly like Jesus but he gives us specific instructions on what it is that we must do to be pleasing in his eyes.  And guess what? It is not that hard.  What is takes is a mind change!  We have to desire to want something new and better for ourselves. And we must know that serving the Lord is the BEST that we can ever ask for ourselves. 

When I married and especially gave birth to a child, I had to have a serious mind change in the ways that I needed to handle things. It is a new life and I love the life that I have.  The Lord has blessed me tremendously in so many ways, why would I want anything different?  Trust me, you can still be fabulous AND a Christian woman.  Sometimes we think the Christian life is too restricting on what it is that we can do.  Yes, there are limitations to your lifestyle, but what a glorious life it is.

We all have that burning light in our soul for the Lord, but why are we hiding it or too embarrassed to let it shine so bright that others need their sunglasses? 

Let you light shine through!!!

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