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There is a story of a man who was asked by God to carry three rocks up to the top of a mountain in a wagon. He was pleased to do so. On his way up, about three people stopped him at different times and loaded things into his wagon that they did not want to take all the way up the mountain.  He agreed but this caused his wagon to be overloaded and hard to bear. He then wailed to God that the task that he had requested of him was too hard.  God held up the other items in the wagon, besides the rocks, and asked what they were. The man responded that they were items of his friends and family. God began to unload them from the wagon and told him “if you will be content to let others take their own burdens, I will help you with your task”.
Nothing is harder to bear than a burden we’re not called to carry. While God does ask us to bear one another’s burdens, he has not asked us to step in and do what people are not willing to do themselves. And while there are many needs, God has not asked us to meet every one.
Excerpt from Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.

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