Combating Procrastination!

by Kathy Sykes on June 24, 2009 · 0 comments

Procrastination can be an area of contention in many relationships because it can become BIGGER issues.

Procrastination means putting things off until another or better time.  But there is never a better time for a procrastinator.

How do you combat procrastination… AGAIN making a mind change. When you need to do something, make up in your mind that you are going to PUSH through it (no matter how stifling it may be) and GET ‘ER DONE! My thought is, if I go ahead and take the 2 hours to complete this project, then I won’t have to walk past this “elephant in the room” that I have been trying to avoid for 2 years anymore in life.

As an example, how does someone become a clothes hoarder. I’ll tell you, first you have to start off with way more clothes than you actually need. Then you don’t have anywhere to put them so you create a space, then you wash and dry a couple of loads of clothes, but then you don’t want to fold and put them away, so you stick them in a laundry basket and put in the closet (so you or your spouse won’t see it), then you wonder why you can’t find any socks or underwear, then you buy more clothes, and the vicious cycle continues.

Now you’re no longer a procrastinator but now you’re a compulsive hoarder.  And this can happen with anything..finances, house cleaning, car maintenance.  If you procrastinate on any of those…it will turn into something bigger and badder than you ever anticipated.

Trust me, it’s hard to stay focused and complete something that you DO NOT want to do. But which is better, taking your car in for regular maintenance or paying $3,500.00 for a new transmission?

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