His First Real BooBoo (Ouchie)!

by Kathy Sykes on June 12, 2009 · 1 comment

Last Saturday, I decided to take Thomas for his first trip to Toys R Us so that we could by two new Thomas the Train DVDs and the infamous baby pool. Getting new DVDs was a must because Tim and I have started to recite the entire “Thomas’ Milkshake Muddle” movie just for fun (yes, we’re lame).

Anyhoo, before Thomas and I left for our Toys R Us trip, we had to take some trash out to the curbside garbage can. Thomas LOOOVES to help, so I gave him a small bag to carry.  On his way to the curb, he tripped over his feet and fell to the ground.  He cried for about 30 seconds but seemed fine.

While browsing the isles at Toys R Us, I noticed that Thomas’ left arm was scrapped and bleeding.  I was horrified!! How did I not notice this at home?!! Here we are at Toys R Us and I have no antiseptic or antibiotic ointment.  At least I did have wipes to clean his wound.  What am I going to do now that I have no ointment to put on his booboo to avoid infection???

That’s when my mind went CRAZY!!! I wondered if it would be okay to lick his booboo like animals do their own wounds???  I KNOW IT’S A CRAZY THOUGHT AND TOTALLY GROSS……AND I DID “NOT” DO IT!!! But it did make me realize that we, as humans, really do have animal instincts OR maybe I just watch too much Discovery Channel.

Anyway, we made it home before the flesh eating bacteria presented itself and he is healing very well with the assistance of FDA approved antibiotic ointment.  I am sure this is the first of many BOOBOOS.

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