How Many Dreams Can We Make Come True?

by Kathy Sykes on June 9, 2009 · 0 comments

Recently, I met a tremendous business woman who has a successful small business in a specified field that is profiting really well.  BUT, she also has two other unrelated business ventures that she would like to pursue that are equally exciting and potentially successful.

So the question is…..are we designed to only pursue ONE dream or can we do it ALL? I have been hired as a consultant on her primary business to assure that they are following steps to maintain profitability and to also create new business ventures under the same umbrella.  With her new business ventures, she MAY retain me to assist in the start-up of this new endeavor.

My advice to her is to LIVE OUT HER DREAMS, BE TRUE TO HERSELF, and PRAY OVER ANY PROJECT that she decides to take on.  We, as humans are not one dimensional. We have many interests and talents and if we have the opportunity to explore our greatest desires, then by all means, take that opportunity.  It doesn’t come around often.

Put God first in all that you do and he will guide your footsteps.

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