Letting A Granny Be A Granny!

by Kathy Sykes on June 11, 2009 · 0 comments

Being new moms, we seem to always have a “certain way” we want to raise our children. The majority of us want our children to have better than what we had growing up.  Thus, we have many rules or guidelines for our kids that help us acheive those goals.  Maybe we only let our kids eat certain foods, or have set bedtimes, or required reading, etc.

But when granny comes over, all rules go out of the window. Initially, I had a problem with this because I felt that it negated everything that my husband and I were doing and would make it difficult for us to maintain what we had taught our son.  It was an area of great tension until now.

Now I realize that my son needs granny to be granny and mommie to be mommie.  There is a comfortableness with granny that my son will not have with me.  I remember this feeling with my own granny.  It’s a different kind of love. No greater and no less but just DIFFERENT and WONDERFUL.

There is an excitement in his eyes when he sees granny coming. And I don’t believe it’s because he knows he is going to get plenty of gum or that she will rock him until he falls asleep.  It is a sparkle that only a granny’s hug and kiss can create. 

That relationship is important to him AND it is now important to me.  And it makes me very happy!

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