by Kathy Sykes on June 19, 2009 · 0 comments

My son continues to amaze me everyday with the new concepts and things that he says.

When we got home from daycare, I went into the kitchen to get “us” some snacks to eat while we cooled down from the flaming temperatures outside.

I was sitting next to Thomas on the couch with my hand in the bag of Cracker Jacks, I guess just beginning to cool down and daydreaming when he yells at me….”SHARE”!!!  Share?  When do you learn how to share? And how do you know when to use that word appropriately?  His daycare is pretty incredible and it is making me look bad 🙂

So, I handed the bag over to him and he reached his hand in the bag and handed me a kernal of carmel corn.  It was the sweetest.  I told him that Mommy would learn how to share better with Thomas and that I was sorry.

He rubbed my head!

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