Weekly Top Picks!

by Kathy Sykes on June 13, 2009 · 0 comments

1. Red Bull!!!!  Being that I work 4 overnight shifts every other week, Red Bull comes in handy between 2am-3am.  I prefer the regular Red Bull but have tried the sugar-free which everyone says tastes the same…..NOT!!

2. Carmex strawberry flavored lip balm.  This is great for the summer months when you don’t want to wear lipstick or sticky lipgloss in this humid weather. And it’s great for the winter months for obvious reasons. I ONLY like carmex in the click stick and ONLY if it is strawberry flavored…FREAKISH, I KNOW!

3. $3.00 Express Car Washes w/free vacuums.  These are a blessing when you have kids and ones that constantly eat snacks in the back of your minivan.  It’s cost-friendly and those vaccums are powerful.  They are also fun for the kids when you ride through the carwash tunnel.

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