The Worst Possible Time!

by Kathy Sykes on July 17, 2009 · 0 comments

Tim and I went to our favorite authentic mexican restaurant for date night the other night and the restaurant was pretty busy.

We sat in a both in front of a group of people.  We ordered our regular chorizo and eggs on corn tortillas with chips and salsa.

Now this restaurant is very authentic. There is nothing TexMex about it. That is why we love it so.

But I heard the funniest thing ever from the guy sitting in the booth behind us. He was with two women who were looking over the menu to decide what they wanted. One of the ladies asked the guy what he thought he may order.  The guy turns to her and says..”Well, I really don’t like Mexican food”!!

I almost choked! This was a fine time to let everyone know that you don’t eat mexican food. I leaned over and told my husband what he had said and we just howled with laughter!!!!(And there were no chicken fingers on the menu).

We really felt sorry for the guy. I think he just loaded up on the margaritas!

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