Which Bridges To Cross And Which To Burn!

by Kathy Sykes on July 21, 2009 · 0 comments

Have you ever been faced with situations and you don’t know whether you should get involved or not?  Sometimes we place ourselves in unnecessary situations that don’t benefit us or just take up a lot of our precious time.

It is hard to decipher, in the beginning, if the task, event, or situation will be productive or not. What we should do is ask ourselves..”is this task in line with “my” primary goals or priorities for my life”?  When we take into consideration FIRST our families, jobs, spiritual life, and extracurricular activities it makes it easier to determine if you want to cross that particular bridge or burn it.

People and/or acquaintances can often persuade us into believing that certain situations will only be “taken care of” if we get involved.  But remember, one person cannot do “everything” and this is where we become frustrated and disengaged. 

If the bridge you are deciding to cross will not yield a positive outcome through a true committed collaborative team, then maybe it is one you want to BURN.

If the bridge you are deciding to cross will fall in line with the goals you have in place for your family and future, then it is worth the walk (or run).

Our time is precious and we don’t want to take away from what is MOST important in our lives to later regret the time we did not prioritize.

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