You Gotta Laugh!

by Kathy Sykes on July 7, 2009 · 0 comments

Sometimes life can throw you so many different “obstacles” at you at the same time that you gotta laugh at the pure irony of it.  Nothing is funny about the specific obstacle itself, but sometimes the timing and the severity of it can’t help but be hysterical!

I guess my laughter is to counteract the fact that I feel like crying BUT I don’t want to cry. The reason that I don’t want to cry is because my blessings far out weigh whatever obstacles that this world can put before me.

I have had to decide what my response is going to be when obstacles are put in my way. Am I going to curl up and pout? Get angry? Try to blame someone else?  The bottom line is that the obstacle still has to be dealt with. So why go through all that unecessary drama and just face it head on and get it over with.

Trouble don’t last always but the way we respond to things can have a long lasting effect on ourselves, our children and our family.

Deal with it, laugh it off, and keep moving!!

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