Didn’t I Just Fill My Tank Up?

by Kathy Sykes on August 21, 2009 · 0 comments

Gas Station Petrol Pumps                                                              Front medium view


It is true that having poorly inflated tires is very fuel inefficient.  I filled my car up on Monday and It was less than a half a tank today. And I don’t drive that much.

I had noticed that my tires looked a little “mushy” and I seemed to be sitting lower in the car, but I never gave it any thought until I was surfing the web and came across an article about saving money.  You know I’m all about saving money. So it mentioned maintaining proper tire pressure in order to get better gas mileage.  I had heard this before but really didn’t give it much thought until I had to put another $30.00 into the gas tank AGAIN!!!

So, here is some information about tire pressure and gas mileage that may help you not spend extra at the pump.

And yes, I drive a minivan……for now!

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