Step Two In School Application Process!

by Kathy Sykes on September 27, 2009 · 0 comments

The second step to getting my son’s application complete for accepatance into the Montessori school here was to go and observe the toddler room that he would be in and to observe the ages3-5 rooms, where he will be transitioning into.

The Montessori school asks for at least a three year commitment, meaning they would like your child to stay until at least kindergarten since the program builds upon itself each year. If a child is placed in Montessori school at the aget of 3 or 4, they consider them to be “behind” in the learning process that Montessori has set up but that is not to say that they cannot “catch-up”. 

Each class room has a one-way observation window that parents can use during their application process and whenever they want to come and watch what is going on. They have an open door policy.  The first staff member and I observed the toddler classroom at 9am in the morning.  Most of the kids had arrived and were in full swing with their learning for the day.  What amazed me was the fact that it was so quiet!! My son LOVES to talk, so I don’t know how this is going to work out for him.  The initial learning is to help them to focus and develop thier attention span.  I believe that this method works because these kids were minding their own business and as quiet as mice.

We watched them for about 30 minutes.  My legs started to hurt. Then the director took me to the 3 through 5 y/o observation room. Here the kids were doing the same pretty much except for the lesson plan. It was far more advanced than the toddler room, of course, and multiple things were going on at one time. Some were doing math, art, life skills, reading and some were just watching the garden. The Montessori program individualizes lesson plans for each student. That is why there is not a lot of group lessons and the children are free to move around the room and choose what “they” want to do each day. I observed this room for another 30 minutes.

I also got to discuss with the Director some of things that are expected of the parents and of the school in order for this type of program to be a success. I find myself being of like mind with the Director in her mission and vision for education and individual growth of children. Right now I am the parent advisor for Thomas’ current daycare and I understand how important it is for parent to be “actively” involved in the child education and well-being on a daily/nightly basis.

After all of that, I was “allowed” to turn in my application and application fee. Now, step three is for my husband and I to come in for an interview and Thomas will come, as well, to be observed by one of the toddler room teachers.  It is only after this is complete, will we be put on the “waiting list”!  Yes, the waiting list.

We have our interview set for next Monday, so I will be blogging about that process and where we stand on this journey of education.

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