Thomas’ Weekly Daycare Menu!

by Kathy Sykes on September 3, 2009 · 0 comments

I have not been updating Thomas’ weekly daycare menu like I had promised because there was a fire at his daycare and they are closed temporarily.  Yes, when they called to tell us that we had to pick Thomas up because of a fire at the daycare, my heart was permanently lodged in my throat until he came home safely.

We he did get home he said…”Mommy, Firetrucks”!!  By the grace of God, no one was injured and the daycare workers responded appropriately and got everyone out in a timely fashion.

Thus, he is staying at one of the daycare teachers’ home right now and I have to prepare his breakfast, lunch, and snack everyday. Now, I am not the cook that “Ms. Lunchroom Lady” is, but I think I have been doing a decent job.  At least his teacher says that he is eating his food everyday. How much of it is another question, but I do not ask.

I did buy him the cutest lunchbag (can be purchased through “SHOP” link)

At least this bag gets him excited about taking a lunch even if he’s not excited about what’s in it.  I have really tried to be nutritional, as well as, flavorful when preparing his lunch.  My main objective is to NOT put too much processed foods in his lunch. Luckily, Thomas likes veggies, so I am able to put a meat, two veggies, and bread for his lunch.  Most times breakfast is either yogurt, fruit, cereal, or some type of meat (twice a week).  Snacks have been “real” snacks so that he can have some JOY!

Man, I can’t wait until the daycare is open again!

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