Daycare Reopens!!

by Kathy Sykes on November 9, 2009 · 0 comments

It has been three months since Thomas’ daycare closed temporarily due to an electrical fire. During those three months, I can honestly say that there are huge advantages to daycare.

Many of us dream of being able to stay at home with our children and watch them grow up before our eyes. But being a working mother (outside of the home), I don’t have that opportunity so daycare or a nanny are my only options.

At the end of my maternity leave, we decided to hire a nanny to care for our son in the home. This was a great alternative to daycare because our son did not have to change his environment so early in life and we, as parents, had the peace of mind knowing that he was at home.  One of the biggest disadvantages to having a nanny is you are at THEIR mercy pretty much. If they are sick or decide to quit, you have to find alternate care at a moments notice.  This is what happened to us.

Thus, we turned to organized daycare as our second alternative.  This was a long process because as I stated before, the environment is everything to us. Since our son was only 9 months by the time we needed daycare, we were looking for a nurturing environment that also was ready to stimulate his mind.  Also the other requirements were to be clean and safe.  We did eventually (after two tries) find a daycare that offered what we were needing and looking for.

Our son completely flourished in daycare. The daycare environment offered consistent participation with crawling, walking, climbing, and speech. His socialization skills were developed while he was being active with the other babies. He began to want to try new things because he was watching “older” kids as they worked.  These are some of the things that he MAY NOT have received by staying at home with a nanny or just me alone.

Did I see a difference in my son while the daycare was closed for three months? The biggest difference I saw was his desire to want to watch television more often.  When a child in not in a structured environment, a lot of times television takes the place of other planned activities. Don’t get me wrong, the sitter we hired to care for Thomas during the temporary closure did a fabulous job BUT her home was not set up to be a DAYCARE and I totally understand that.

The point I am trying to make is….there are many positive things to be said for structured learning outside of the home. Sometimes you hear of people turning their noses down the daycare environment but I can proudly say that I am an advocate of structured learning outside of the home when keeping your children at home is not an option. I have tried it all!

If it is in God’s plan, we will be transitioning into another form of learning at the beginning of the new year. It is important to note that change comes with life, and everyone must choose what’s best for their family during those transitions in life.

To all my work outside of the home moms, there is no shame in sending your kids to daycare where you know they are being cared for and taught in a safe learning environment.

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