Separation Anxiety!

by Kathy Sykes on November 23, 2009 · 0 comments


This Thanksgiving, I will be working again for the 2nd year in a row BUT my entire family will be joining my sister in Georgia for the holidays and they have asked if my two year old can come also (without me).

This will be a 4 day holiday trip and I have not been away from my son for more than 48 hours. I do not know how to handle it. I do want him to be able to go because his cousins will be there to play with and he will have way more fun over the four days in Georgia than with me being that I will be working the night shift and sleeping all day.

BUT STILL….what am I going to do without my BABY! So, the past couple of days all I have been doing is getting as much “sugar” and hugs that I can steal from him ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!! Really, I want to inspire Thomas to be an independent person while at the same time loving his mommy like no other woman in the world:-).

I am always trying to find ways to be with him 24/7 especially now that he is still my itsy bitsy baby. I know that one day, wanting to be with mommy all the time will come to a screeching halt, so why not soak up all of the lovin’ that I can get NOW! Many people have said “Man, if I could get 4 days off from my kids, that would be HEAVEN“! In my case, I will break out in a cold sweat when I see my sister’s car pull out of the driveway with my baby and probably won’t stop sweating until they call me on the phone to say they have made it to GA safely (Thanksgiving traffic is so horrible).

Once he’s there though, I know that everything will be gravy, literally. And although I will be working those four days, I will have ample ME TIME. Maybe I can actually soak in a bath for an hour instead of taking the 5 minute dash shower while my son is watching me through the shower door. Maybe I can sit down and have a meal at my own pace instead of standing up over the counter in the kitchen. Maybe I can watch television stations other than Nick, Jr., Cartoon Network, and PBS Kids (I really need to catch up on BRAVO). AND maybe I can get more than 6 hours sleep after working a 10 hour overnight shift for the first time in two years!!!

Hey, this is not sounding or feeling so bad after all! But still makes me a little sad:-(

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