My Blog’s Holiday Event Co-Sponsored By Suave!

by Kathy Sykes on December 20, 2009 · 1 comment

This will be the second year that I will be hosting the minister’s wives and deaconesses of our church for a holiday event. Being that this year is so busy with many holiday parties, I decided to also open my event up to the local fabulous women who have supported my blog from its inception. Anyone who has known me for any period of time, knows that I have a diverse group of friends and what a great opportunity to have women meet one another who may not have ever crossed paths.


I opened the event by thanking everyone for attending during this busy holiday season and for supporting me as a First Lady, a blogger and what it means to be a blogger. I then introduced each of my guests and why they inspire me and makes them so fabulous in my eyes. I always want to encourage women to keep moving in a positive direction and striving for their dreams. And with a group of amazing women in one room, we should always support our sisters to greatness!


100_1223 The ladies got a chance to browse my blog also!

I decided to make the food from “scratch” which meant cutting my own own monterey jack and cheddar cheese cubes (cheddar is hard), cajun shrimp, and sausage crescents. As they say, one should try out a recipe prior to the actual event if you haven’t made it before. Now, I don’t cook much (from scratch) so my crescents were more like full moons….but as luck would have it, they were the hit of the event.
My son and Mom loved the sausage crescents too!

I asked Suave if they would co-sponsor this event with A Wife, A Mother, And A First Lady and they so graciously agreed. Suave generously sent us a variety of products to review as a group and enough to take home to our families.



We have the opportunity to review a variety of Suave lotions (Aloe w/cucumber, Firming, Advanced Therapy, Juicy Tangerine, Vitamin E, Sandalwood and Cinnamon, Natural Oatmeal), the apricot exfoliating body wash, and the men’s fresh and clean body wash.

Since scent and moisturizing effect is what women look for most, the Vitamin E lotion won hands down for both. If you have irritated dry skin, my group also recommends the natural oatmeal. We also recommend the Advanced Therapy lotion for great scent (not too overwhelming and clean). The ladies agreed that the above two would be likely purchased by them and the price was great (approximately $2.79 per bottle). Most of the ladies liked the scent of the Apricot exfoliating body wash but I didn’t allow them to take a shower to get the full effect AND most agreed that their husbands would enjoy the clean scent of the body wash. They will be getting back to me on their husband’s review. We got so caught up in doing the reviews, that I didn’t take any pictures…sorry!

One of my dearest friends, who hosts local cooking classes, also prepared a wonderful crock pot triple chocolate threat for the event. I asked her to do this for me because she is an awesome woman and she uses cooking as her ministry. I HAD to spread the word about her greatness. Each lady got to try a generous helping of dessert while at the event then we provided a recipe card with Cooking Live’s 2010 schedule and a take-home portion of dessert.

Who knew that you could make desserts in the crock pot??!!! Was totally delicious!

Many women had asked me prior to the event if there was anything that they could bring. I suggested that they bring a blanket (new or used) that we could donate to the Salvation Army for the homeless during this winter season. There is nothing like having fun and having a purpose at the same time!


Many thanks to my women of greatness and to Suave for being so gracious! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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kathysykes December 21, 2009 at 10:11 am

This was one of the best parties I have hosted in a long time. Nothing like good eats and good friends….and goodies to take home!


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