Cyber Emotions…….LOL!!

by Kathy Sykes on January 12, 2010 · 2 comments


When you type LOL on a text message, email, Facebook, or Twitter are you really LAUGHING OUT LOUD? Or are you “cyber” laughing???

I really dislike the tag “LOL” because is it supposed to mean that the person sending it is laughing or the person receiving it is supposed to laugh?

Anywho, I miss the days of really physically laughing until tears poured out of my eyes and I peed in my pants a little bit. Have those experiences been replaced with laptop screens, emoticons and iphone applications?

As a blogger, a social media user, or just a regular person, we have to consciously take a hiatus from technology in order to live freely again. I would love to actually hear my friends laughter once in a while. Or get a real hug instead of a cyber hug. We don’t visit one another anymore or call on the telephone. It is all CYBER LIVING!!

I do know that technology is progressing and we have to stay connected to it, but not 24/7.  There has become a personal disconnect in families and society because of the use of social media and is that alright with you?

I have friends that I considered “close” when we lived in the same city/state because we talked more (face-to-face) and interacted in each others lives. Just because they have moved shouldn’t make them “less close” now but our interaction has disconnected because we only communicate through social media. We have not changed, but the way we have consciously decided to stay connected has changed and it’s NOT ALRIGHT with me.

One of my renewed goals for 2010 is to get back to traveling this year and I have already made plans to visit one of my dearest girlfriends and her family in Las Vegas. Almost 10 years ago, we lived in the same house, worked at the same place, and went through graduate school together. But more importantly than that, we had a true relationship. I have not seen her (physically) in almost the same amount of time (10 years) and it’s time to take a stand and say “Hey, we’re coming to Las Vegas and we’re staying with you”! Luckily she agreed.

This Spring, Summer, or Fall, visit someone you have only been communicating with over social media and see how much more GRATIFYING your relationship can become. Because after all, relationships are what keeps us ALIVE!!

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Kimberly/Mom in the City January 13, 2010 at 9:31 am

I agree with you. Social media can be a drain to offline relationships if we are not really careful.


Linda January 13, 2010 at 7:31 pm

I agree> I feel major disconnects with those whom I was once close to


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