Sid The Science Kid

by Kathy Sykes on February 3, 2010 · 1 comment

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Yes, we are a PBS Kids Family and pretty much watch one or two shows from that station everyday. There are so many great and educational shows on PBS but one that I have found to be really superb is Sid the Science Kid.

What I love about it as a mom, is that it shows a family who interacts with one another as a family unit. Most other cartoon families seem to not portray a real family at all. Sid’s family seems to be diverse. You really cannot tell the race of the family and his family could really be interracial. I particularly love Sid’s mom, Alice, because she is a woman that wears many hats like myself. She is described perfectly on their website.

They also incorporate the grandmother into the stories as being a major part of the family unit. She picks Sid up from school everyday and she teaches him a lot from her own experience. This is so true to life because grandmas are an essential part of today’s family and our kids can learn a lot from their history.

Making the playground a center of focus for the stories is great because kids don’t tend to play outside and use thier imaginations as much anymore. The playground always reminds me of when I was growing up…jungle gyms and swings RULED!!

The teacher, Ms. Susie is great in that she let’s the kids take the lead on what they want to learn on any particular day. Sometimes we need to let kids explore more instead of being “taught” in a traditional setting. It also makes learning science fun for our children. Science is one of the areas where we don’t compete as well with other countries and this series can encourage children to take more interest in how things work.

And last but not least, the music on the series is great. It is very 2010 and my son loves it (and so do I).


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Reborns February 4, 2010 at 4:13 am

This kind of Educational shows is what our kids must be watching, though we can’t blame them if they love watching cartoons, it’s a part of childhood and I can’t take that chance away from them. What we can do, is to guide them and be ready to answer their questions needed to be ask.


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