Cooking Live! A Chattanooga Favorite!

by Kathy Sykes on March 19, 2010 · 0 comments

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Today, I attended a “Planning A Weekly Menu” cooking class taught by one of my dearest friends Amanda Varnell. Amanda is a wife and mother of  four beautiful children and she learned, by trial and error, the best plan for preparing food for a large family. 


She is the creator of Cooking Live in Chattanooga, Tennessee and teaches classes all over the city and the surrounding areas.  She began her business/ministry by participating in a church activities where individuals were asked to share their talents. And from there, it took off. She has found a way to turn her hobby and passion into a business and she loves every minute of it.


Now, I am not a cook. I can prepare a few standard dishes and can program a mean microwave, but “real” cooking is not my forte. But I really do enjoy watching other people prepare great meals and of course I love eating them.


In my efforts to provide healthy and tasty meals for my family, I decided to attend the Weekly Menu Planning session so that I can offer my husband and son a variety of foods instead of the same dishes week after week.


This month’s class was held at the Earthfare Supermarket. I have written about this grocery store before and their mission to provide healthy food alternatives and reduce childhood obesity. We were treated to a tour of the store where Amanda pointed out some of the unique items that Earthfare had to offer.


We then sat down to a visual demonstration of 4 meal ideas and then were given a generous sample of each.


First we learned how to prepare a Mighty Meaty Minestrone Soup with ground turkey
 Then we were given instruction on how to prepare a cool summer salad with fruit and grilled chicken. Perfect for summer meal.


 And the last two dishes were my favorites…..Beef Tenderloin Stir Fry


 And a Pork Bruschetta Sandwich



 All of these meals were presented with the intentions of preparing food that the whole family can enjoy, saving money and time, and making meal time special for the family as a whole.


Cooking Live is also my Local Feature of the Month so go to that page to learn more about the Cooking Live calendar.

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