Longevity of Marriage!

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This month, my parents celebrate 51 years of marriage. I just had to write about the longevity of their marriage because in this day and time, marriage is a very disposable union. So, in order to make this post more personal, I decided to interview my mom and ask her specifics on what makes their marriage work. She also answered from my dad’s perspective since he is afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease.


1. What were you looking for in a spouse before you met Dad?  Security,love and an intelligent man. I am blessed to have gotten it ALL! Your dad was just looking for a pretty lady who would make a good mother and take care of the children and him.


 2 .In the beginning, were you pleased with your selection? Yes. From the very beginning of our marriage, he exhibited all of the qualities that I was looking for. For him, he thought I would be a better homemaker (i.e. cleaning) but he soon learned that that wasn’t my thing.


3. What challenges have you faced during your marriage and how have you overcome them? Since your dad was a police officer, he was away from home a lot and that brought about stress in the marriage. Especially when the children arrived, I felt like I needed more help from him. So that is why I sometimes sent you girls to work with him (you could do that back in the day). As our marriage grew, so did the recognition of putting each other before ourselves and learning how to appreciate one another. Your dad would say that he had to overcome the challenge of me spending lots of money but he realized it was for the family in general.


 4. What are some of your most precious moments as a married couple?We are a couple in the true meaning of the word. We did everything together as a young couple and socialized with friends a lot. We loved to dance and have fun. After the children arrived, we were very committed to your education and opportunities for the future. We had the same goals. We are sharing some of our most precious moments now that we have retired and are spending all of our time together. We are making new memories.



5. How did you keep the spark/flame alive in your marriage? We have always been an intimate couple. We still hold hands and kiss and flirt with one another. He is the only man I have ever wanted.




 6. What advice do you have for married couples today? Don’t give up so easily and quickly. Love grows to its best over time. Communicate all the time and share the same goals for the future. If you are going in the same direction, it makes it easier to see the future.



 Love Words Of Wisdom!!

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