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Even though I may not have hundreds of readers or thousands of followers on Twitter, I am absolutely in love with my blog!

Why? This is my online forum to be able to express and get involved in activities that are most important to me. IT IS MY ONLINE DIARY!! Most of the time when we write down our goals and aspirations, we are more eager to make them come true. This is the case for me and my blog.

I never thought that I would be able to homeschool my son and work full-time. Guess what? With prayer and dedication, I made it happen. I have found it easier to express my emotions about my Dad’s Alzheimer’s Disease and come to terms with that situation. That is because my blog allows me to express my thoughts without limitations.

I am an avid supporter of giving back to the community, but sometimes you don’t know where to start since so many areas need help. By blogging, I can publicize information on a lot of different organizations and spotlight the one that I am currently working with.

I can express my love for the Lord and my continual growth to become closer to him and his Word through my blog. There is a huge community of women (and men) who live by the Word of God and want to share how life can be so great by following the BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)!

So many people still don’t understand the concept of a blog, I hope this explains what a blog can be for you and many others.


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