Seasonal Allergies!

by Kathy Sykes on April 20, 2010 · 0 comments


Yes, it is that time of year where people begin to experience seasonal allergy symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

1. Sneezing

2. Coughing

3. Congestion

4. Itchy and Watery Eyes

5. Sneezing

6. Nasal Drainage

Seasonal allergies are mostly due to the change in weather and pollen from trees.

What can we do to alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms?

1. First, try to wash away any pollen in your driveway and on your car as often as possible. Direct contact with pollen will only intensify your symptoms. Of course, there is pollen in the air and there is not much we can do to avoid this, but there are days that are worse than others, so be aware of this when doing outside work.

2. Use over-the-counter allergy medications for congestion and itchy/watery eyes. Antihistamines work well for itch/watery eyes and a decongestant would be needed for your stuffy nose. Please be sure to discuss with a pharmacist any other medications that you are taking before taking ANY over-the-counter medication.

3. Blow your nose often. This will clear your nasal passages of any irritants or mucous that may have accumulated.

4. Prescription Medications. There are a number of oral medications and nasal sprays that work well to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. Of course, a physician will need to write a prescription for you and the cost may be more expensive.

Luckily, seasonal allergies are temporary so it is best to be prepared at the beginning of the season so that Spring and Summer can be fully enjoyed.

***Disclaimer…..The information given here is not to replace the medical advice of your personal physician or other healthcare professionals. Our advice is to be used as supplemental information to be reviewed and discussed with your physician or other appropriate healthcare professionals.

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