My Blog Is 1 Year Old! Meditation Monday!

by Kathy Sykes on April 5, 2010 · 0 comments

See full size imageDuring the month of my blog’s first birthday (anniversary), I will be introducing additions to my blog that will keep me in line and focused on my brand.

Every Monday I will begin posting a Meditation Monday post! These posts will focus on messages to get you focused and motivated at the beginning of your work week. As busy women and moms, we sometimes need “a word” to fill up our mental gas tanks to get us ready for the week ahead. There are times during the week when we get weary from the day to day drama of this world and we need something to reflect on to keep us moving forward. This is the basis of Meditation Monday!

We just celebrated Easter which reflects on the death of Christ (so that we may live) and his ressurection (to give us a second chance). As we reflect on that GREAT sacrifice, we can also look to our own lives to determine if there are things that need to “die” (go away or be changed) in order for us to progress and move forward. Once we have gotten rid of the dead weight in our lives, priority can be placed where it is most needed.

**Look for my regular #churchtweets every Sunday on Twitter (@kathysykes)!

I hope you enjoyed it and are able to utilize the message!

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