Spring Cleaning!

by Kathy Sykes on April 5, 2010 · 1 comment

Spring is my second favorite time of the year. It’s not to0 hot and not too cold. Things begin to wake up in nature and everyone seems happier. This is the time when we want to shake off the old and bring in the new. Many of us start to clean and clear our homes of unused or wanted things. We downsize our wardrobe to make room for new items. We change out the comforter on our beds and maybe even change the color decor of our homes. All in anticipation of the arrival of Spring.

Some of us also have a new way of thinking and have more energy about what we want to do in life. It really is just a breathe of fresh air and similar to the feeling after a good rain.

I am always in the mood to change with the coming of Spring and this year is no different. I am excited to announce that after almost 8 years of living in this house, we are about to do some much needed renovations and updating. This will also become a video series for my blog called…”My Home Makeover!  Basically, it’s renovating your home on a specified budget. It should be lots of fun to watch and learn.

Our first project will be the kitchen and laundry area. They always say that updating your kitchen adds the biggest value to your home. So, we will be painting walls and cabinets, updating lighting fixtures, adding a new sink and getting new countertops. Take a look at the before pictures to get a feel for what we are up against.

Right now my kitchen is similar to the Brady Bunch kitchen……so 1950’s!!! And we need to organize very badly!


These cabinets are made of METAL and are a pale yellow. We are planning on painting them a fresh white color.


Yes, my countertops are PINK along with the walls (trimmed in brown) with black appliances. Just YUCK!!


The laundry area is all flowered and striped wall paper that is needing to come down fast.

I will be meeting with our contractor on Thursday to finalize the plans and then the videos will begin. I am hoping to do something like Sarah’s House on HGTV. I hope you tune in for all the fun (blood, sweat, and tears)!

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Linda April 7, 2010 at 11:38 am

I hope you survive. REMEMBER-You will be using your font door for a while


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