Who Needs A Gym When You Have A 3 Year Old Son?!!

by Kathy Sykes on April 27, 2010 · 1 comment


I have not been doing as well as I have wanted to about going to the gym but believe me, I have still been getting my “work-out” on! Having an almost three year old child in the home (without any siblings) is your ready-made gym and work-out plan.

On an average day:

1. I lift him (32 pounds) at least 10 times a day

2. Run laps (around the couch) about 5 times

3.  Play one-on-one basketball (with Playskool toys)

4. Pulling and pushing his riding toy up and down the driveway

5. Walking around the whole house (several times per day) picking up toys and straightening the house. I have a pedidometer that I haven’t used…I wonder how many steps I walk per day just in the house?)

I am not saying that this is the BEST workout, but it is better than nothing. I must get more cardio into my workout, as well as, increasing my duration. I am pleased to report that I have increased my intake of water and fiber to my diet and am consistently trying to maintain my cholesterol. Great eating habits are also important to remember when just hanging out at the house.

I thought that I would just mention how unplanned exercise CAN happen while playing with you toddler! What kind of exercise do you get OUTSIDE of the gym?

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Ally April 27, 2010 at 7:41 pm

Totally agree! You’d be surprised how many calories are burned doing things around your house! An active mama is the best – gym or home gym 😉


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