A Mother’s Day In Review!

by Kathy Sykes on May 17, 2010 · 0 comments


It has been a week since we celebrated Mother’s Day and in the three years since I have been a mother, I like to reflect on what I have learned since the last year and what I can improve on being a Mom.

Mother’s Day is normally a celebration of what contributions Mom make to their children’s lives and to the family as a whole. But we don’t always get “it” right. There are a lot of things that we wish we could be better in or do differently. Being a full-time working Mom, I always wish I had more time to spend with my son. My son just recently asked me where I was going when I was getting dressed for work. When I told him it was time for Mommy to go to work, his response was “Don’t go to work Mommy, I’ll be good”! That just broke my heart.

But I do know that my son is coming up on the age where he needs things explained to him more so that he can understand how life works. I do think that it is very important that he learns independence and how to navigate without Mommy around. This is especially important right now since in three months my son will begin Pre-K 3 at, what we call, Big Boy School.

What I have learned from the last year is that because I am a working (outside of the home) Mom right now is:

1. We should focus on the quality of time that we spend with our children since the quantity can be limited

2. Realize that our current situation may be temporary and we may be blessed with more time to dedicate to the family

3. Don’t beat yourself up over what you could be doing and celebrate what you are doing

Life is always in transition and I expect and pray that next year’s learning is a progression of building a beautiful relationship with my son and family!

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