First Lady Health And Beauty-The Basics!

by Kathy Sykes on May 28, 2010 · 0 comments


What are the basics for health and beauty? I thought I would write a post about this because I find myself being asked questions about how I get everything done and never go out without make-up….EVER!! My routine is really simple and here it is:

1. Clean and exfoliate your face regularly– I never go to bed with make-up on and I try to exfoliate my face once per week. By doing this, I am able to wear less make-up because my skin is as clean and clear as I can possibly get it. I have been wearing make-up since Jr. high school so it is part of my wardrobe. But less is more and with healthy clean skin, this can be accomplished. I love Clearasil facial scrub for twice daily cleaning and Mary Kay clay mask for once per week exfoliation.

2. Keep well-groomed hands and feet– I don’t wear nail polish on my hands or feet but I do keep my nails cut neatly and get a mani/pedi when I can. I personally find nail polish to be high maintenance due to the fact that certain colors do not go with every outfit and I don’t have the time to change polish every week. A clear or neutral nail polish will work well and looks very professional.

3. Wear clothes that fit  properly– Every woman’s weight goes up and down and sometimes we just wear whatever is hanging in our closet at the time (I know I do this all the time). But when I put on an outfit that is actually my size, it makes a huge difference. There has been a lot of talk about getting measured for the proper bra, but this goes for all of our clothes. If clothes are too tight or too loose, I don’t feel that I can be the most productive during my day.

4. Well-groomed hair– My philosophy has always been that if your hair is cute and “on point”, then everything else will fall into place. Hair is the crowning glory for all women whether it is long, short, straight, or wavy. When we find the right length, cut or color for us, we cannot be stopped.

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