My Toddler Needs To Drink More WATER!

by Kathy Sykes on May 18, 2010 · 0 comments

Girl drinking water

Since we are in the potty training phase with our son, my husband and I have noticed that Thomas’ urine is very concentrated (dark). This of course made us start to wonder if he needs to drink more water. So, I have researched information about toddlers and water intake.

When we first had our babies, it was told to us that we shouldn’t give our infant water. Why? Babies get all the water they need from breast milk or formula.

I searched a site that I trust and found that it is a good idea to get your toddler to switch it up a little bit among the beverages they drink AND that should include water. The highlights of the article are:

1. To ensure your toddler is getting enough water, monitor the frequency of thier urination

2. During the hot summer months, water is essential to keep you toddler hydrated. No sugary sodas or juices!

3. Water can keep your toddler at a healthy weight

4. Don’t forget about fluoride!

Now that we have gotten our toddlers hooked on juice, sugary punches, and flavored milks, how do we get them to like drinking water. According to here are some tips:

1.Keep the water COLD, because there is nothing less tasteful to a child than a glass of room-temperature water.

2. Purchase a special cup that the child knows will only be used for water.

3. Water from a brightly colored pitcher will attract young ones to drink.

4. Cubes in fun shapes work especially well, but ordinary ones will do the trick also. But be sure to watch your child since ice cubes can be a choking hazard!

****Disclaimer**** The information given here is not to replace the medical advice of your personal physician or other healthcare professionals. Our advice is to be used as supplemental  information to be reviewed and discussed with your physician or other appropriate medical professional.

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