Your Virtual Pharmacist!-First Aid Kit for the Car

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Summer time is the most popular time of the year for families to take road trips; Trips that lead to out-doors fun and activities where kids and adults alike can sometimes find themselves injured while at play. Would you know what to if you were traveling and your child fell and sustained a deep glass cut? More importantly, would you have the necessary first aid supplies readily available in your car or van to care for the wound until you could get to the nearest emergency room? You can Purchase a ready made first aid kit from your local pharmacy or you can make your own kit. I really like making my own kit because I find it easier on my budget and I can personalize it to my own taste. Here is a list of what I like to keep in my kit. Depending on the size of your family you will need to adjust the quantities of the items.

10 Flexible Adhesive Strips
10 Butterfly Closure Bandages
5 Feminine Maxi-Pads or Tampons
1 First-Aid Instruction Booklet
4 Extra Large Adhesive Strips
3 Gauze Pads Sterile
6 Sting Relief Pads
6 Cleansing Towelettes
2 Insect Repellent Packets
4 Stretch Gauze Rolls
1 Bacteriostatic Dressing Saufera
1 Large Grip Scissors, Stainless Steel
1 Triangular Bandage with pins
1 Tweezers/Magnifier
2 Latex-free gloves/disposables
1 small hammer

Emergencies happen when we least expect them. Make yourself familiar with the first aid kit, emergency procedures (CPR, poisoning, choking, burning, etc.) and all emergency numbers. Personalize your kit with your family’s needs like medications, but remember to keep medications in a cool dry place until travel time ( many medication are light and temperature sensitive and may become dangerous if exposed to the sun or heat). Check your kit regularly and replace used items.

100_1048 Nanette Hartley is a pharmacist contributor to Your Virtual Pharmacist. She has nearly twenty years pharmacy experience and is currently in an international Master of Business graduate program. She also is the creator of a personal blog called Heal A Sister.

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