My “Watcha Gonna Eat?” Experiment!

by Kathy Sykes on June 1, 2010 · 0 comments

It really makes a difference if you give your family a healthy food option to counteract the junk food that you may have in your house.

This week I decided to place fresh fruit in a glass bowl, on my kitchen island, to see if my son and husband would choose that over the basket of goodies we have stashed on top of the refrigerator.

These are currently their options:


I still keep the junk food basket (out of sight) on top of the refrigerator and they still know it is there. So far, the first two days I have had to replace the fruit in the bowl. My son has asked for fruit more than the honeybuns (he still asked for one the other day).

I have fresh strawberries and whipped cream in my fridge for an evening snack if my son asks for one. I let him know what is available to him and give him the choice. I don’t show him the junk food but I do show him the fruit and how it smells…..YUMMY!

This really works.  I have started to do that with water versus apple juice and punch.

Try it!

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