Cupboard Creations!

by Kathy Sykes on July 20, 2010 · 0 comments

At least once a week, I am standing in front of my pantry and refrigerator searching for something “different” to prepare for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I know this happens to a lot of us. The last couple of experiments that I have tried from savaging my cupboards have turned out to be pretty good. I have gotten a lot of input from my twitter friends about what to do with the ingredients I find in my pantry. From this project I have created…..CUPBOARD CREATIONS!!

My first Cupboard Creation was a Mexican style dish. I tweeted this and got a number of responses.

So this week’s Cupboard Creation is a summer tuna salad!


I used a can of tuna in water that I have had in the back of my cupboard for about 8 months, mayo, 3 boiled eggs, walnuts, a green granny apple, and some cut up purple onion from last week. I tweeted my ingredients and someone suggested that I add raisins. Since I didn’t have raisins, that is when I looked over into my fruit bowl and decided to use the apple. I am not a “foodie blogger” so my presentation is not the best but you get the idea. Then I added some watermelon on the side to finish my dish.

It has really helped me a lot to keep the cupboard and fridge stocked with “staples” to be used for when you need then AND it doesn’t hurt that I set my laptop up in the kitchen for the extra needed help when deciding what to cook.

Thanks to all my Twitter friends for making it happen!!!

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