What’s Cooking On The Stove?

by Kathy Sykes on October 29, 2010 · 2 comments

I am not a Top Chef, but I would love to be one day. Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I went to culinary school? Well, in the meantime, I try to do my best in the kitchen and I am adding a new winter series to my blog called….”What’s Cooking On The Stove?” The series is dedicated to foods to keep your insides warm this winter when you don’t have alot of time.

This weekend I made a “almost from scratch” chili using…..


Shore Lunch. This was my first time using it and It was a pretty good mix of seasonings. I did add my own touch of garlic and salt/pepper. This mix includes pinto and kidney beans, you add two 8oz cans of tomato paste, cooked ground beef and any other items you like in your chili (I added extra beans and hotdogs…it’s a Southern thang). Just simmer for 25 minutes and Voila!!


Disclaimer…..My plating is not Top Chef worthy!

Wouldn’t this be good with a buttery grilled cheese sandwich? But remember the portion control from my earlier post! 🙂 I added spices to my bowl of chili because if you want a toddler to eat your cooking, then better not make it too spicy.

On a scale of 1-5 (one being the lowest and five the highest), I give it a 3(three).

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La Jolla Mom October 29, 2010 at 10:39 pm

Hi Kathy! Thanks for stopping by my site. Yours is great too. Let me know if you’re ever in La Jolla again, definitely!


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