What Are Your Thanksgiving Rituals?

by Kathy Sykes on November 24, 2010 · 1 comment

This week, we will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday and other than preparing a lavish meal and having family and friends over to dinner, what do you do to recognize the “true” meaning of Thanksgiving?

One Thanksgiving (many years ago) when I traveled home to Tennessee from Texas after graduating from pharmacy school, I suggested that the family go around the table and tell what they were thankful for. Everyone gave pretty standard answers (health, family, job) and then my Dad says “I am thankful that you are able to take care of yourself after many years of paying for college and graduate school”!  Now that was a true testimony of being THANKFUL!!

During Thanksgiving, we also draw names out of a hat for Christmas purchases. With the growing number of people in families and the slowing economy, we have chosen to not try and buy gifts for everyone in the family but are only required to buy a gift for the person whose name we pulled. This is another testament for Thanksgiving for it is not in the receiving of many gifts that is the blessing, but the fact that someone thought of you during the holidays.

The Lord has blessed me and my family is so many tremendous ways that it is virtually impossible not to give thanks on a daily basis and make known to family and friends how blessed we are every year.

Don’t forget to share what you are thankful for this year!!!!

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