GIVE When The T.V. Cameras Are Gone-EVERYONE!

by Kathy Sykes on February 23, 2011 · 0 comments

This past week, the Extreme Home Makeover team was in the Chattanooga area to surprise a family with a new home. In the past when watching the home makeover shows, you really just get a glimpse of what goes into building a new home and new life for a family.

But with the Extreme Home Makeover team in town, we were able to see just what it takes to get a new home built in a week with all of the special specifications for the family. Building the home took a community of volunteers to get the job done. This meant that supplies, food, and labor had to be “donated” inorder to make this happen. And guess what? The area folks came out in numbers to make it happen!

Now, I was having a conversation with a co-worker about all of the donations and free labor that was offered to the “Home Makeover Team”, but where is this spirit of giving any other time of the year? Everyone (businesses) included talk about how the “economy” is causing them to take a “hit” on a lot of things but when T.V. cameras are in town there is a different story.

Not to take away anything from the Extreme Home Makeover show or team, but while they were in town, the community food bank recieved more donations than they would normally get in a weeks time. This is one of the objectives of the “Home Makeover” team, is to somehow improve the community around us. All year round, donations are needed and “giving” is needed.

Let’s not have a “spirit” of giving because someone can “see” what we are doing. Let’s give because we know there is a need and no one knows that we are doing it.

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