Earth Day!

by Kathy Sykes on April 20, 2011 · 0 comments


What does Earth Day mean to you (if anything)? We hear so much about taking care of our environment, the ozone, recycling, and going “green” but does it really mean anything to you and your family? Has the “movement” reached you yet? What would it take? Sometimes “movements” seem more like a fad or the trending thing to do for the moment (i.e becoming vegan or getting centered through yoga).

What can we really teach ourselves and children about caring for our Earth and community that would make perfect sense? Well, first of all, the Earth (world) was created for us to live and thrive. Upon creation, everything that we ever needed was provided for us…water, food, fire, shelter, etc. These things were natural and pure and meant to keep us that way.

Over time, as with most things, man has wanted to make life “simpler”, “easy”, and “fast”. Thus the creation of pesticides, use of steroids, processed foods, plastics, etc. These things were meant for good but claimed a lot of the space on earth by not degrading. Now we have trash all over the place. Now our bodies are not as pure and healthy due to processed foods. What can we do to get back to the “original” plan created for us?

First by understanding and realizing what is “natural” vs. “unnatural”. Spring/Summer is a good time to declutter, reduce, and scale back on things. We can begin to eat less processed foods (fresh/grilled veggies, fruits, grain), we can learn how to plant our own garden for fresh salads, we can learn how these changes will change our health in general. When your health improves so does your way of thinking.

Don’t just let Earth Day pass without acknowledging something about it!

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