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by Kathy Sykes on April 28, 2011 · 1 comment

As part of my home education design consulting services, I recommend using things in your child’s room that you have already purchased to compliment what they are currently learning in school or what you are teaching them through homeschooling.

Here are some examples from my child’s room:

Trains and train table…..my son is in Pre-K 3 and primarily learning letters, sounds, numbers, bible, seasons, dates and time. The way I re-enforce his learning at home is to have him connect the number of trains that they are studying that week and talk about how many passengers need to be picked up, on what day of the week, and what time of day.


Using work that is sent home…I initially had a hard time determining what to do with all of the work that was sent home from school. Should I create a book or just throw it away? Instead I bought this wall hanger that not only displayed his work for the week, reminded him of what needed to be focused on, but encouraged him to be creative.  I personally do not keep all of the work more than one week unless it  is something that can be used for the whole month. I just do not have the space.


Building Blocks….these are great to teach sequential patterns and counting. This works well for memory and other cognitive skills. While you and your child are building a tower, you can also learn alot about patterns and sequences.


There are some things that in my perspective do not assist in improving a child’s education and really are just taking up space and are limited to a child of a certain age. I mean no disrespect to the brands that create these toys, they do have a limited purpose (entertainment), but I would not waste time or space housing these types things for longer than needed.


When it is time for your child to progress with his learning and you feel guilty about getting rid of priceless items that have been a great learning resource for your child, this is a GREAT time to re-gift with a purpose. Share how this item has been of benefit to your child’s education. This is the basis of my consulting service.

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The Little List May 17, 2011 at 10:19 am

Such wise words, Kathy. We routinely clean out around here as well. It’s amazing how many mindless toys we accumulate from here and there. Thank you so much for dropping by yesterday to introduce yourself. So nice meeting you!


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