A Review Of The Bridesmaids!

by Kathy Sykes on May 17, 2011 · 0 comments


It has been a long time since I have done a review, but I went to see The Bridesmaids this weekend and I have to give my honest opinion to all the busy women who are going to press “pause” on their lives to see this. I was soooo looking forward to this movie because the previews on television had me in stitches. It seemed like the female Hangover, but it fell way short (in a lot of areas). After I saw the movie, I was okay with it until I kept seeing the televesion trailer for it and then I started to get mad.

First, the movie is called The Bridesmaids, but the movie basically focused on the Maid of Honor.    Annie (who by chance actually wrote the movie. Hhmmm…interestingly ironic)

In my opinion, they over-developed this character which did not leave a lot of time for the rest of the bridesmaids to be discovered (and truly that is where the “funny” was). The first 20mins of the film was pretty slow and dull getting to know the Maid of Honor. This time should have been spent getting to know the backgrounds of all the bridesmaids involved.

Then we finally get to meet the bridesmaids at the engagement party. This was so rushed, that if left you unclear who was who and how they fit into the “brides” life. Just an aside….seeing that the bride was Black, I found it strange that there were no Black bridesmaids or anyone from the family that resembled anyone Black. It was clear that the father of the bride was Black but that was it. Not a really big deal but it did leave you scratching your head.

Each of the bridesmaids were hilarious by themselves but as I said, their characters were not developed enough for you to get all the funny that was there. Three bridesmaids that were very underdeveloped were:


She was the character that made you blow soda through your nose. Totally hilarious in her own right. They tried to play up this character knowing that she was the movie stealer but much of it didn’t make sense. We only got to learn more about her near the end of the movie and that left you wanting more.


Rita was the stressed out Mom, in a dull marriage, who “really” needed a weekend in Vegas. Oh, did I tell you they didn’t even MAKE IT to Vegas. There were no scenes in Vegas (AND YES I’M SCREAMING)!!!! What a total let down and BIG MISTAKE in the movie.


Becca was the innocent newlywed who lived in a fairytale life with Prince Charming but he really wasn’t, because he was an OCD person who needed everything to be perfect and in order and she “wasn’t having it”. She and Rita developed a “minor” friendship within 2 seconds of the movie that could have been further developed.

Then there was the Mom of the Maid of Honor and roomates storyline that could have been deleted all together. And then we have the cop romance that kinda had a Sixteen Candle-ish type ending. I was over it at this point. I began to wonder if I was watching a film student’s “good effort” at making a movie.

And let us not forget the Bride  Lillian

I don’t even know why she was actually in the movie (although I love Maya Rudolph to death) but another under-developed character that had only one GREAT scene in the middle of the street. I’m sure they used Maya for “star power” because obviously, the movie wasn’t written for her.

As I was writing this post, I found this trailer to the movie on the internet. Almost EVERYTHING in this trailer is NOT in the movie. I don’t know what part of the nation they are showing this trailer but isn’t this false advertisement or did I see a totally different movie? Am I in the twilight zone?

 I’m all about “girl power” but really???!!! I don’t get to see movies often on opening weekend and I had to plan two weeks in advance with a friend through many text messages, find a baby sitter to go with me to entertain my 3y/o son and 11y/o niece at a totally different movie that had to start and end at the exact same time as my movie and this is what I get????

All in all, I did laugh out loud about two or three times and the last laugh was probably just to make myself feel better for sitting through this movie.  Should you go see it? Wait for Netflix or Redbox.

Images from Harper’s Bazaar, NNDB, and TV Rage

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