What I Learned From The Storm! Be Prepared and Educated!

by Kathy Sykes on May 3, 2011 · 1 comment


Photo by Wendy King

Yes, we all know that terrible storms and tornadoes hit the Southeast this past week and let me tell you, it was not pretty!

And since our area (Chattanooga,TN) does not see severe weather like this often, many were not prepared. Lessons are learned from going through a storm and coming out safe on the other side. This is a great metaphor because the “storm” caused damage to property as well as to “lives and spirits”.

How do you become prepared?

Being prepared for potential property damage

1. Make sure you have insurance and you have documentation on your person. It is most important to have copies of your important papers in a safe preferrably in your basement of deposit box for access if needed after a tragedy.

2. All sizes of batteries. This will be useful for flashlights, weather radios, AM/FM radios, games for the kids, etc. Keep these in your emergency kit also.

3. Coolers. When the electricity is out and you have no way of keeping food cold, you will need ice and a cooler. Remember that food can spoil quickly so DO NOT try and eat food that has not been properly stored for over 48 hours.

4. Have cash. When the electricity is out in your area, most banks will not open and all ATMs are down. If you need to purchase something you will need cash. I advise keeping at least $100.00 put away for emergency use.

5. Candles. Only use in dire emergency and always keep attended. Candles are a fire hazard, as well as, a carbon monoxide hazard. This goes for generators too. If you use a generator, make sure your house is properly ventilated.

6. Non-perishable foods. Keep these in your emergency kit because TRUST ME, they will come in handy when you have no electricity for several days and the “eating out” bill is adding up.

Being Prepared for “Spiritual” damage:

When a tragedy like this occurs and people seemingly lose “everything”, lives and spirits can be crushed. Using the above metaphor again……you must always be prepared for the storm. You prepare your spirit by staying in the WORD of God and knowing that his WILL will be done. Storms will come and go in our lives, but if we trust and believe in the Lord, then we will come out fine on the other side.

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Linda Kirk May 3, 2011 at 11:26 am

AMEN Sister Kathy


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