Vacation And Learning At The Same Time!

by Kathy Sykes on June 14, 2011 · 0 comments

During summer is the time when families take vacations to new and exciting places. This year, I planned a family vacation to San Diego, CA. The most important thing I looked for when planning this trip (since I was taking my toddler and 12y/o niece) was plenty of pool and beach time. I really wanted them to have fun together and not be bored. I did accomplish this task. But since they were visiting a new place (different area of the nation), I also wanted them to learn something about the area.






The kids got to see the Pacific ocean, go to a “real” beach with salty water, visit an amazing zoo, and take a tour of the USS Midway naval aircraft carrier.  Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, the little things kids experience broadens their horizons and perspective of life.

In addition to having fun and learning, we also reminded the kids to be “thankful” for these experiences. They may not get another opportunity to make it to the West coast, so giving thanks to God for our opportunities is always a necessity.

Make your next vacation a multi-faceted one for the whole family!

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