Government Spending On Early Childhood Education and You!

by Kathy Sykes on July 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Have you seen the video of actress Jennifer Garner speaking on the subject of early childhood education and what the government can do to improve it. Well here it is….take a look and listen.

Yes, I agree that education should be top priority for our children’s success, development, and overall competitivenessin this world and that comes from both what our government can do to help and what we can do as parents in the home.

It is wonderful that the public school system is able to provide pre-K programs as a jump start program for toddlers. But those programs are not always available to all people. Many are income based and come on a first come first serve basis. These programs are well funded and provide great opportunities for children to gain exposure to learning and loving to learn.

So, with this in mind…what about those children who do not qualify for the public school system pre-K programs? Do we have to pay astronimical tuitions for our 4 year olds to go to a private program just to get a head start? Not necessarily!

As parents, we can provide the same level of prepardness at home but it requires us to be fully present in the lives of our toddlers. You will not have the luxury of dropping your child off and letting everyone else do the work. But do we want to do that anyway? Don’t parents want to be an integral part of choosing what our child learns? We should.

It doesn’t take long to google and research some of the early childhood learning skills that should be taught to your child while at home. You may even consider a half-day program for your child with full participation from you, as the parent, on your child’s learning curve.

I know what I am talking about in this arena because I did this (from scratch) when my son was born AND worked full-time. Many asked me how I homeschooled andworked and my only answer was “it is a priority”. Right now, my son is in a half-day pre-k program (that I pay for) that assists (I said assists not replaces) me in my toddlers learning.

It is worth reading some of my previous posts under the “Education and Play” category on this site to see how to get started and what you can do to be a part of your child’s learning success.

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