The 1st W.M.F. Virtual Book Club Review!

by Kathy Sykes on October 6, 2011 · 1 comment

Love, Splat [Book]

The first book that was chosen was “Love, Splat” by Rob Scotton. How my four year old and I approached the book was to begin by identifying the letters on the front of the book, shapes, pictures, and learning where the authors name is listed. We read each page then talked about the pictures. In order for my son to be able to remember the story (since he doesn’t read yet), we acted out some parts of the story. At the end of the book, we went back and named the main characters of the book (Splat, Kitten, Spike, and Seymour). We read our book (which we borrowed from the library) at least 4 times so that if someone was to ask him what the story was about, he could give a basic overview without having the book in front of him. Next year my son will be in kindergarten and using the tools above can give preschoolers a head start in memorization and recollection.

Since this book club includes younger toddlers also, I would recommend talking about shapes and colors, a few letters (that are maybe in their names), the sound a cat makes, and getting them used to turning pages. Also, if you have other books with cats in them, then you can talk more about them or making cards.


Have You Seen My Dinosaur? (Beginner Books(R))

The second book is “Have You Seen My Dinosaur”? by Jon Surgal. This is a really FUN book and it is a rhyming book. We first talked about what the boy was doing on the front cover, what shapes were on the bed, what color was his blanket and where was the dinosaur. This book gives you a great opportunity to talk about opposites….like who is under the bed? who is sitting on the bed? This book contains everything from water, zoo, numbers, colors, occupations, museums, and many other topics that can be discussed with a preschooler. The basics for us were to understand the story, laugh at the pictures, and learn some opposites. We also started to do some sounding out of words and spelling of just the title of the book. My son’s preschool class has already studied the letter D and they made dinosaurs to help them learn. We brought those out (along with his other toy dinosaurs) to enhance the book.


We are looking forward to hearing what your child thought of the books and if you tried any crafts or special things to make reading special.  The wonderful thing about being a part of a children’s book club is that you can go visit your local library to check out books and have fun there as well.

Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for the announcement of our next books that we will be reviewing for November.

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Nice post Kathy!


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