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by Kathy Sykes on October 14, 2011 · 0 comments

bethenny frankelI am a big fan of Bethenny Frankel since her days on the Apprentice. I followed her on the Real Housewives of New York and on to her own show, .

Bethenny’s life transition has been one of inspiration for a lot of women still trying to decide what to do with their lives. One thing that stood out for me about Bethenny’s search was that once she started to slow down and stop “looking so hard” and starting actually enjoying her life, that’s when all the pieces came together. She became focused on what she was good at, figured out how to turn it into a business, found the love of her life, married and had a baby.

So, what was one of the ways Bethenny learned to slow down and let life take it’s course? It was through regular exercise. In an article from EveryDayHealth.com, Bethenny talks about how she got started with yoga and how she turns it into a family affair.

Here is an excerpt:

This relaxed approach to working out didn’t come so easy to the Bravo star. “Before I used to do boot camp and spinning,” she explains of her former daily exercise frenzy. “I used to be so manic, and I just don’t need that in my life.”

So she replaced the nearly daily sessions with drill sergeants and packed studios with at-home yoga. And instead of pressuring herself to find a chunk of time each day, Frankel adopted a more relaxed approach. “I usually only work out at home in the morning after I put the baby down. And even then it’s not every day, but maybe two or three times a week,” she says. 

By nature, Frankel prefers to work out solo. “I’m not a group exercise person at all,” she says. However she makes an exception to her lone-workout sessions when she’s on vacation. “If I’m on a beach vacation especially, I go walking on the beach with [my husband] Jason or a girlfriend,” she says.

To read the entire article go to this link and learn more about Bethenny’s workout DVD’s and how she prioritizes exercise in her busy schedule.

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