Fireplaces! Real or Electric?

by Kathy Sykes on November 16, 2011 · 0 comments

Well, if you don’t know anything about me, please know that I love the Fall/Winter seasons and I love curling up in front of a crackling fireplace. This is my idea of THE PERFECT MOMENT!

Unfortunately, the home we bought (that I absolutely adore) did not come with a fireplace. So instead of building a fireplace in my home (I don’t like construction), I decided to buy an electric fireplace to go in my living room. I get really excited once the temperature begins to drop in the Winter indicated that I can “flip a switch” and turn on my fireplace.

Dimplex SMP-904-ST Fieldstone Electric Fireplace Heater, Natural Stone and Hand-Hewn Pine


No, it is not the exact same a having a real fireplace but it serves the purpose…providing ambiance and heat!!! My son and I love laying a blanket down in front of it and playing games or watching a DVD movie.

I love it so much that I decided to buy a mini electric fireplace for my bedroom! A fireplace in the bedroom? You can’t get any better than that. Oh, yes you can, because there is absolutely no work/labor that comes along with it.

Dimplex 4395349 Fireplace Compact 28 x 29-3/4 x 9


Electric fireplaces are not that expensive and really don’t “pull” on your electric bill that much as long as you remember to turn them on and off at appropriate times (when no one is in the room). There is only one downfall to having an electric fireplace though, if your electricity goes out during a Winter storm, then you still won’t have any heat! Bummer!


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