My Yearly Lenten Season Post!

by Kathy Sykes on February 22, 2012 · 2 comments

As I have mentioned several times here on the blog, I grew up Catholic all of my life until I switch denominations upon marrying my husband.  And even though I no longer attend mass on a regular basis, the rituals and traditions stay with me AND can be incorporated into any Christian denominations. Let me also state that I am not “caught up” into denominations and believe that those who have accepted Christ and believe that Christ died for your sins so that you may live, are all my brothers and sisters.


We have practiced Ash Wednesday at least one time that I can remember at our current church and when we haven’t, I have accepted ashes at my old Catholic church. If you read the following explanation about Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season (from, you will see why I believe it is a great idea to have a season of sacrifice and repentance in our lives every year.


One misconception that I feel people have about Lent is that just “giving up” something during the season is enough. But really, in giving up something, we must replace it with repentance and focus on making our spiritual life stronger. So, if you decide to give up meat on Fridays, replace the meat with the spiritual “meat” of reading the scripture on Fridays.

I give up something different every year and wait until the last minute to decide. But it is usually something that will be a true sacrifice and change in my lifestyle.

Will you be participating in Lent this year? How will your family recognize this season?

In Western Christianity, Ash Wednesday marks the first day, or the start of the season of Lent, which begins 40 days prior to Easter (Sundays are not included in the count).Lent is a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fastingrepentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. During some Ash Wednesday services, the minister will lightly rub the sign of the cross with ashes onto the foreheads of worshipers.

The Bible does not mention Ash Wednesday or the custom of Lent, however, the practice of repentance and mourning in ashes is found in 2 Samuel 13:19; Esther 4:1; Job 2:8; Daniel 9:3; and Matthew 11:21.

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Marianne February 22, 2012 at 10:03 am

Hi Kathy,
I also grew up Catholic but now attend an evangelical church. I appreciate the thought behind lent (which was just giving up stuff when I was a kid) and the thought that we should also be seeking repentence and growth in the process. Beautiful blog!
God bless your day!


Kathy Sykes February 23, 2012 at 8:04 am

I believe the same principles cross denominations.


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