90 Day Challenge Of Taking Care Of Myself-Physically!

by Kathy Sykes on March 1, 2012 · 0 comments


Blissdom 2012 was not only about inspiring bloggers to be better writers, photographers, vloggers, and business people, it also encouraged us to be mindful of taking care of our bodies. There were early morning workouts each day, lunches and snacks that were healthy and sponsors who promoted good nutrition.

One of the sponsors was Centrum and they allowed us to take a nutritional assessment based on our life habits, provided us with a nutritionist on-site to review our assessment and make recommendations, and also gave us vitamins to take home.

I picked up two bottles of vitamins (for myself and hubby) because this is one area where I am slacking. Yes, I know that I am a pharmacist and I should be on top of my vitamin game. When I was pregnant I had no problem taking my vitamins on a daily basis. I knew that I was benefiting my child by taking them on a regular basis. Now should not be any different. I will still be benefiting my child by taking my vitamins regularly.

As you can see, our vitamins are specialized  for men and women under 50 years old. The women’s vitamins are designed to unlock energy and support metabolism. Just what I need being a working (outside the home) mom, mother of a preschooler, wife of a pastor, and blogger.

DSCF1312 - Copy

The men’s vitamins are designed to support energy and help protect against stress. Lord knows that my husband needs these. Being bi-vocational and a very participatory father and husband, he needs all of the energy and stress relief he can get.


The bottom line is that we need to take our vitamins each day in order to have the energy we need for our busy daily lives.

So, our challenge starting today is to take our vitamins and encourage one another to do the same. We will be using Dailyfeats  (which will send us a text message reminder) to help us record our progress.

Do you want to get on board with us? It doesn’t have to be about taking vitamins, it can be anything to do with taking care of yourself. We would love it if you would join us!

Ready, set, GO!!!

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